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84-Year-Old Marine Fights Off Two Robbers (Video)

Everyone, meet Tom.

Tom is a badass 84-year-old Marine who recently chased two burglars out of his house. Sure, the burglars managed to steal a few things from his home, but he didn’t let them get away without dishing out a little payback.

Tom told New Mexico news station KOAT that he woke up with a gun in his face while his house was being robbed.

“Four times, my life was threatened in a way,” he said. Tom referred to the gun he woke up staring into as “a large revolver, it wasn’t no small one you put in a purse.”

“They came in, they point the gun and I just stood my ground,” Tom said.

At one point one of the thieves held Tom on the ground and tried to choke him with a radio cord.

“He tried to tie it around my neck, the radio cord,” Tom said.

That’s when he retaliated by hitting the criminal in a place no man ever wants to be hit.

“I just took my fist and [punching motion] because he’s right my height. You know if I’m nearly on the floor and he’s standing, it’s the right height for the groin.”

Albuquerque police have already caught one suspect, identified as Jose Gomez, and are still searching for the second.

Just goes to show you that even at 84, Marines still find a way to get the job done.


Sources: KOAT, The Blaze


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