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Watch: Robber Runs In Fear From 84-Year-Old Man (Video)

Doug Jandebeur, 84, managed to deter a robber who hit him in the face and stole his wallet. 

On the night of Mar. 16, Jandebeur was walking to his truck outside of his business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was approached by the robber. At first, he thought the robber was a friend of his playing a prank, but then the robber punched him.

“The guy starts saying, ‘Don't turn around, don't turn around,'" Jandebeur told KOTV-TV. "I felt him take my billfold out and he head over to the door where my wife was.”

In the footage of the robbery, that’s when the thief stops and takes off running.

Jandebeur scared him off.

"I pulled out my automatic and was getting ready to ventilate him," he recounted.

He added: "Once he saw my gun he decided to leave.”

Though the thief hasn’t been caught, Jandebeur said he’s thankful a nearby video store caught the whole incident on camera - including an image of the robber’s face. Jandebeur is in good spirits, despite the bruise on his face, but he doesn’t want anyone to be caught off guard. 

"Anybody who doesn't arm themselves is asking for trouble," he said. 

Source: KOTV-TV Image via KOTV-TV


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