84-Year-Old Illinois Woman Risks Life To Save Dog From Coyotes


An 84-year-old Illinois woman risked her life to save her neighbor’s dog after it was surrounded by a pack of coyotes.

Dolores “Dolly” Jefferson was pouring her morning coffee when her dog started barking behind her home. When Jefferson walked outside, she saw that the neighbor’s dog was surrounded by five large coyotes.

Roxie, an 11-year-old Egyptian Fairhound, had already been bitten on the nose and was trying to escape the pack. Jefferson recalled that one coyote had the dog by her head.

"He was huge. He was as big as any big German shepherd I've ever seen," Jefferson said. "He turned around, looked at me, and Roxie got farther away from him."

Roxie’s owner was chopping wood at the time and couldn’t hear or see the attack.

With her son’s advice in mind, who had noted that coyotes will scatter at loud noises, Jefferson charged at the animals and started screaming.

The coyotes ran and Roxie managed to escape.

Roxie was later taken to the vet where she was treated for minor injuries. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

Jefferson’s neighbor, Rich Parent, said he was thankful for her actions.

"Here's this lady pushing 85 years old, and she's my hero," Parent said.

Parent bought Jefferson a bullhorn in a symbol of gratitude and in the hopes that she could scare off coyotes when they wander into her backyard again.

Sources: Yahoo, NBC

Photo Source: Daily Herald


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