83-Year-Old Woman Found Dead In Freezer


Here’s some bizarre news out of Philadelphia.

Police found the body of an 83-year-old woman stuffed in a basement freezer on Tuesday.

Police were brought to the home on a 911 call, and at some point found the elderly woman’s naked body inside a freezer. They were told by residents at the house that the woman had been there since January.

Investigators think the woman’s son, 58-year-old William Carrasquillo, may have stored his mother’s dead body in order to keep collecting her social security checks.

Carrasquillo’s coworkers recall him mentioning his mother passing a few months back. He told them his mother died in her sleep.

"I think he came in and kind of mentioned it and I just left it at that. I don't like to bother him about his personal life," his boss Jared Santiago said.

Carraquillo’s estranged wife says he told her a different story. The wife, Cynthia Ramos, says Carrasquillo called her a few nights ago and confessed he made a “big mistake.” He told Ramos his mother fell and died.

Cynthia Ramos' mother, Tea Ramos, claims that her daughter told her of Carrasquillo's phone call. A translator for Tea Ramos spoke to CBS Philadelphia.

“Cynthia received a phone call from William saying that he made a big mistake, that he did something really bad,” the translator said. “The daughter [Cynthia] questioned him and he said 'my mother fell and died instantly, so I put her in the freezer in the basement.'”

Police confirm the body had been in the freezer since January. They hope to speak with Carrasquillo in the coming days.

Sources: CBS Philadelphia, 6 ABC

Photo Source: Raw Story


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