83-Year-Old In Critical Condition After Being Attacked Outside Restaurant (Photos)


An elderly California man was hospitalized in critical condition after being brutally beaten outside of a restaurant.

According to reports, 83-year-old Tuyen Nguyen was attacked in the parking lot of Emerald Bay Restaurant in Santa Ana on the morning of Sept. 25 around 6:10 a.m.

Authorities said a young man approached Nguyen, threw a left hook, and then beat him to the ground, before kicking and punching him in the head repeatedly.

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The brutal mugging, which was caught on surveillance video, left Nguyen with a brain hemorrhage, broken eye socket, and broken cheekbone. 

“The guy was there to just get a cup of coffee and read his newspaper," Corporal Anthony Bertagna said. "It [the attack] was out of no where.”  

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Nguyen was brought to the hospital in critical yet stable condition. 

“I'm still in shock,” his son, Peter Nguyen, said. “I still can't believe this would happen to my family, especially to my father. He is the nicest individual — the last one that you could think something like this would happen to."

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Police subsequently arrested 29-year-old Demarrea Chante Barnes and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, as well as assault with a deadly weapon with great bodily injury. Barnes is believed to be a transient. 

Nguyen’s daughter said she believes her father would forgive his attacker, despite the terrifying injuries he sustained.

“My dad is a forgiving man too,” she said. "Deep down I know he doesn't hold grudges.” 

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Sources: Daily Mail, L.A. Times / Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk


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