82-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Stealing 'Sexual Fantasies' Body Spray

An 82-year-old Georgia woman was arrested after she stole a $7.39 bottle of Sexual Fantasies body spray from CVS Pharmacy.

Anneliese Young was caught placing the bottle in her purse at the Augusta store in January. After placing the bottle in her bag, she attempted to leave the store without paying for the “Fireworks” fragrance, but a CVS employee confronted her.

The “Fireworks” fragrance “provides a burst of sensuality” and is “sure to drive men wild," according to the bottle’s description.

“Can’t blame grandma for wanting to get sexy!” Black Sports Online quipped.

Young was apologetic and immediately handed the bottle over. The employee then called Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to report Young, who was arrested after the employee said she wanted to prosecute the old woman.

Young was later booked at the Richmond County jail.

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Sources: DailyMail, Black Sports Online

Photo Credit: DailyMail, 99perfume.com


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