82-Year-Old Detroit Man Takes On Home Invader With Hammer


Old age did not stop 82-year-old George Bradford from confronting an intruder and proving himself the true man of the house. When Bradford awoke to his daughter and granddaughter screaming about an intruder in their Detroit home, he grabbed a hammer and went to confront the man.

"He asked me not to kill him," said Bradford.

The would-be burglar climbed in through the basement window, police say. Bradford told WJBK that he “could hear him walking up the stairs." So he went to the kitchen to get his hammer. When the intruder wouldn’t leave, Bradford “let him have it.”

Detroit police officers found the suspect, 33, in Bradford’s living room, his head bleeding. He was treated by medics and then summarily arrested and taken into custody on charges of home invasion.

Bradford said he’d owned his Whitfield duplex since 1968. Several family members, including his mother, live in the unit. 

Sources: WJBK, WXYZ


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