81-Year-Old Woman With Cancer Jailed Over Runaway Dogs (Video)


Mary Root, 81, recently spent two days behind bars because of her small dogs.

The Havre De Grace, Md. great-grandmother couldn't afford to pay $7,000 in fines for minor pet violations from May 2013, when her dogs got loose several times (video below).

A neighbor took pictures of the dogs running down the street and reported Root to Animal Control, which fined the elderly woman $7,000.

Root, who has cancer, didn't show up at court per her doctor’s order, which Judge Mimi Cooper ruled was insufficient and had Root arrested.

Root was booked, fingerprinted and spent spent two nights in the Harford County Detention Center without her cancer medication.

“I’ve never had a crime. Never. Not even a traffic ticket,” Root told CBS Baltimore. “I’m struggling to pay my house taxes. I couldn’t pay it. It’s a different thing when you leave your dogs out and you don’t care, but I do care."

“I sort of clutched my Bible and was crying and went to sleep,” Root said.

The judge ordered Root to pay a $2,500 bail, which she couldn't afford, but on the second night, an unidentified person paid the bond.

Root can’t go back to her home if she keeps her dogs, per the judge, but Root says she can’t give them up.

According to WBAL, Root and her dogs are currently staying at her daughter's apartment in Cecil County, Md.

The seven charges against her are all dog-related. If convicted, Root could be spending more time in jail, if she doesn't die of cancer first.

The person who turned Root in hasn't identified themselves, but will likely have to, if Root goes to trial.

Sources: WBAL and CBS Baltimore


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