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80-Year-Old Tempie Strickland Attempts To Shoot Her 73-Year-Old Husband In The Chest During An Argument, But Gun Jams

An elderly woman in Texas got so fed up with the way her husband spoke to her and his coming home late at night that the only solution she saw was to shoot him in the chest. Lucky for him, though, the gun was faulty and wound up sparing his life.

Now the Tempie Sterling, 80, is in jail facing charges for the act against her 73-year-old husband Sterling.

Tempie is being held at Mansfield Jail on $100,000 bail.

According to Tempie, their argument the night of the incident got so heated that she thought about striking him physically, but since Sterling is much larger than her, she decided to get a gun rather than start a physical fight.

Police say that Sterling actually didn’t want his wife to be arrested for attempting to shoot him in the chest during their argument, but under police department policy, an officer is required to make an arrest in a domestic situation if they have reason to believe that a real offense has occurred.

Now, Tempie Strickland is being charged with attempted murder for pressing the gun to her husband’s chest and pulling the trigger. Police will not go into much further detail on the incident, as Tempie will soon face a judge. 


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