Two Serbian Boys Spark Outrage After CCTV Footage Shows Them Attacking 80-Year-Old Man Who Later Dies (Video)


An 80-year-old man in Serbia has died after allegedly being attacked by two young thugs who also preyed on pregnant women.

CCTV footage shows Predrag Jovic, 10, and Slavoljub, 11, ambushing 80-year-old Stjepan Hrvatin as he walked through an underground garage to his apartment in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

The two brothers snatched the shopping bag from the old man’s hands and started roughing him up and demanded he empty his pockets as he tried to defend himself, the Daily Mirror reports.

As Hrvatin tries to follow the duo, who walk off with his belongings and around $5 in cash, one of them grabs him from behind before dragging him behind a pillar. They then begin to beat up the elderly man and kick him to the ground.

Hrvatin made his way to his apartment after the boys were gone, but was later found dead.

According to, the killing has sparked outrage after the CCTV footage was released.

"We have a lot of violence here caused by youngsters but it is usually teenagers and this is just simply horrific,” neighbor Tamara Poljak, 45, said. "Stjepan was a lovely man who wouldn’t give a second thought to helping others. He was a dear, sweet man and this abhorrent act is incomprehensible."

Local man Stojan Jaksic, 36, added: "Those two boys should rot in hell for this.”

The two boys have been questioned by police, but were too young under Serbian law to spend time in jail.

“They stole £3 out of his pocket and are known to the police for previous incidents where they attacked pregnant women and stole their jewelry,” a police spokesman said.

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