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80-Year-Old Florida Woman Uses Cane to Fight Off Gunman

There is one old lady in Florida whom no one will mess with again. She was able to fight off a gunman using only her guts and a metal cane.

The Sun Sentinel reports that 80-year-old Josefa Lopez was getting into the backseat of her daughter's SUV Monday afternoon when a man suddenly appeared. He grabbed the 61-year-old daughter's arm and dragged her out of the vehicle. He then pistol-whipped her, leaving her on the ground bleeding from the face.

"I thought she was dead," Lopez said in Spanish. "I yelled at [the gunman], 'I am going to kill you, [son of a b----]!' I wasn't myself. To me, she was dead."

Fortunately she was not dead, but Lopez charged at him, swinging her cane. He actually fired a shot at her but missed. He then took off in a getaway car.

Police say it is not clear if the man was trying to steal the car or the daughter's purse. He was screaming "give me" during the beating. Police are still looking for the gunman and his driver.

The daughter, Teresa Medina, is okay, save for a large bruise under her left eye and scrapes and bruises on her back and arms.

As for her mother, she is downplaying all of the hero talk.

"When you see your daughter in trouble," she said, "you have to do something."


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