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80-Year-Old Arranges Acid To Be Thrown On Teenage Lover

British man Mohammed Rafiq, 80, became so obsessed and jealous of his 19-year-old lover that he arranged two accomplices to throw acid at her in an act of revenge.

Vikki Horsman suffered burn marks from the attack that took place in April. Rafiq had become increasingly obsessive aboutt his relationship with the teenager and Horsman began to rely on him after she cut ties with her mother and father. She even reportedly converted to Islam to please Rafiq.

Once Horsman became more independent, Rafiq began to become jealous and suspicious of her newfound independence. Rafiq would go through her room and purse and take photos of used condoms to send to her which he claimed her found in her room.

The case against Rafiq alleges that he planned the attack with accomplices Shannon Heaps, 23, and 25-year-old Steven Holmes. Prosecutor Anthony Warner describes the attack in which Horsman opened the front door of a house in Tividale, West Midlands, England, to a man who doused her with a black liquid. She screamed in pain and as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she noticed how her skin beginning to blister.

A witness testifying in the trial overheard a conversation between the three accused perpetrators before the attack. Rafiq allegedly asked Holmes to deliver a “gift to a girlfriend” and said that Heaps would bring him to the address. Rafiq was then seen handing a bag to Holmes which prosecutors believe contained the acid.

Heaps and Holmes were also caught on camera heading to and from the address. However, all three suspects continue to deny the attack on Horsman. Meanwhile, Horsman will have to undergo surgery for the deep burns on her face, neck, shoulders, and leg.

The trial is estimated to take up to three weeks until a verdict is reached.

Sources Cited: The Mirror / Image Credit: The Mirror, Facebook


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