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8-Year-Old Victim of Bulldog Attack, Broagan McCuaig, Hopes to Be Home for Christmas

Broagan McCuaig, a courageous little girl who was viciously mauled by a neighbor’s two dogs, has already undergone a series of operations and faces 12 more weeks in a wheelchair after the dogs broke her leg. She is speaking about the horrifying experience for the first time since surgeons saved her life.

The beautiful eight-year-old suffered severe facial and leg injuries when the two dogs, said to be American Bulldogs, savagely attacked her in her own yard. She can remember the entire attack, including when the first dog went for her face and almost tore out her eye.

Despite her ordeal, Broagan, from Glasgow, Scotland, is determined to get back to normal as soon as possible, She is already sitting up and smiling and enjoying her visitors just two weeks after the attack which could have killed her.

Neil and Tracy McCuaig, Broagan’s parents, said they hope it is possible for her to come home with her family for Christmas even though she is still in a wheelchair. They believe her determination has been the reason for her quick recovery.

Neil, 39, said: “The doctor couldn’t believe that a dog had managed to do that to her leg. We were told to expect the worst. We actually thought that she might lose her leg…”

Tracy, 37, added: “She was wearing black leggings so I just thought she had a broken leg. But her clothes were holding her leg together.

“Her face looked far worse. The skin had been pulled off her left side from her forehead to under her cheekbone, right across her eye socket. There was bone visible but she was covered in blood. The skin was just hanging off. It was horrific, disgusting.”

Speaking from her bed in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, Broagan told the Daily Reporter what happened.

“I remember I was just out playing with my friends and the guy, the owner of the dog, came out the back. “The dog was off its leash and it just ran through the bins and jumped up on me. “There wasn’t any warning of it about to happen.

“It jumped and hit my eye first. The guy with the other dog tried to run and get me but he couldn’t. Then both of the dogs were on me. “I was just screaming.

“When I saw my face in the mirror [later], it was all red. It was covered in blood and I couldn’t see my eye.

“When I close my eyes, I can remember what happened. It’s when I am lying in bed at night.

Broagan added: “I just want to get better so that I can get out of hospital and see my friends. I also miss my wee brother. I’m missing school, too. I just want to get back to normal.”

Her mother remembers that Broagan had just gone to play five minutes before this happened.

“A few minutes later, I was in the kitchen and I heard screaming…I knew it was Broagan. Then there was banging at the door.” She said she went into shock at that time.

“I looked out the back and I could see the dogs – they were still on her. One was on her leg, the other one was at her top half, pulling.

“The owner was pulling one of them to try and get it off but because the other dog was also pulling, it was like she was being tugged.

“I was banging on the window. I was screaming. But after that, all I remember is her being in her big brother Kiefer’s arms and laying her down in the couch.

“Before the ambulance arrived, she saw herself in the mirror. So she knew exactly how bad it was. That’s when she panicked. She asked Kiefer, ‘Am I going to die?’

Neil told the Reporter that one of the dogs had tried to attack him a couple of weeks earlier.

He said: “I had only seen the dogs out a few times before, but never the two at once. One of them tried to attack me and my dog a couple of weeks ago…But the woman owner got out and got a grip of it before it could do anything.

“I just wish they had got me then, because then they wouldn’t have been there to do this to Broagan.” Both dogs were euthanized after the attack on the little girl, according to the Daily Reporter.

Since regaining consciousness 24 hours after the attack, Broagan has continued to impress all those around her with her positive attitude. But she is scared about returning home.

Tracy said: “Physically, they say Broagan has a good future ahead of her. “It’s the mental scarring that might be a problem.

“We just need to take each day as it comes.”

Source: Daily Record


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