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8-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted By Classmate (Video)

After a young girl was sexually assaulted by a classmate, her mother says officials have not done enough to protect her daughter from her assailant. 

An 8-year-old girl said she was sexually assaulted by a boy at Pecan Grove Elementary School in Yuma, Arizona, according to KYMA News. The boy is also reportedly 8 years old.

“I am afraid he said mean things to me, I don’t want to go to school,” the girl, whose identity has not been revealed, told KYMA News. “He was saying that he was going to hurt me and that he was going to hurt my family.”

During one incident, in which the boy allegedly made sexually explicit remarks to the girl, the victim tried to explain what was occurring to her to a substitute teacher. Instead of trying to properly rectify the situation, the teacher reportedly chose to punish the girl.

The victim said the comments and threats continued, and the boy eventually did physically assault her.

“He was trying to hump on me and when we were going to lunch he was pulling down my pants,” the young girl said.

Ashley Patterson, the girl’s mother, alerted KYMA News to the situation.

“I brought it to the school’s attention, it seems the principal here didn’t think much about giving any consequences,” Patterson said.

The mother added that she believed that the boy’s punishment was not enough. He received three days of suspension and was transferred to another classroom.

“I’m left as a mom having to explain things to my daughter that should not have been taught to her yet she got her innocence taken away,” she said.

Patterson contacted the Yuma Police Department to file a report. According to the police report, which was obtained by KYMA News, the boy admitted to saying he was going to rape the girl, but he denied ever touching the girl or threatening to kill her. Due to the children’s age, the case was thrown out. Patterson tried to file a restraining order, but that was also thrown out by both the boy’s parents and a judge, in part because of their ages.

More than one third of individuals who sexually abuse children are minors themselves, according to Stop It Now. Without proper treatment, a child who has been sexually abused is likely to suffer further abuse.

“If a child is going to speak and act like an adult there should be consequences to it,” Patterson told KYMA News.

Sources: KYMA News, Stop It Now / Photo credit: Pecan Grove Elementary School, Ryan Stanton/Flickr

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