8-Year-Old Mauled To Death By Circus Tiger In China


An 8-year-old girl has been mauled to death by a circus tiger at Leheledu Amusement Park in China’s Chongqing Municipality. According to Mirror, the attack occurred after the girl, Juan Niu, slipped through the bars and into the tigers’ enclosure to get closer to the animals. 

Park spokesman Manchu Hung assured that Niu’s family would be compensated and that security would be heightened as a result of the incident. 

“Nothing terrible like this has ever happened before and we take the safety of our visitors very seriously,” said Hung. “We will pay all compensation necessary to the family and will make sure it’s not possible for anything similar to ever happen again.”

According to the Daily Mail, Niu was in Chongqing Municipality visiting family, who decided to stop at the amusement park after seeing advertisements for the new circus attraction. The tigers had been placed in temporary small pens, which Niu unknowingly slipped into. The subsequent attack took place in front of a group of onlookers, including several circus visitors. The young girl was quickly pulled from the cage by a group of trainers, but she was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. 

According to Colorado News Day, this attack marks the latest in a string of captive animals acting hostile towards humans. A zookeeper in Shanghai last year, for instance, was mauled to death by a tiger after entering its enclosure to clean. More recently, a nine-year-old boy had his arm torn off by a bear at a zoo in China’s Henan province. The circus at Leheledu Amusement Park is expected to continue as planned, despite the incident.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail, Colorado Newsday

Photo Sources: Leheledu.com, CEN


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