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8-Year-Old Girl Viktoria Adaeva Suffocates Inside Ice Sculpture of a Turtle

Siberian schoolgirl Viktoria Adaeva, 8, climbed inside a hole in a turtle sculpture made of snow and ice and suffocated after getting trapped there.

One report stated, “She was probably screaming for help but no-one could hear her.”

Playing in an ice playground in her remote village of Kozulka, Viktoria found a hole in the sculpture, which the Siberian Times says other children had made. 

“In temperatures of around minus 7C [19.4 degrees F], her head, neck and one hand became stuck and froze to the side of the ice hole,” officials said. “This apparently also stopped air coming in for her to breathe. Unable to move, it is believed she died of a lack of air.”

When grandmother Lubov Sergeevna could not find Viktoria, she called police who later found her lifeless body trapped inside the ice hole. There were CCTV cameras around the playground, but security men say they did not see the little girl.

Ice sculptures like these are popular in Siberia where winter playgrounds often have ice carvings.

Source: The Daily Mail


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