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8-Year-Old Girl With Prosthetic Leg Denied Access To Water Park Rides (Video)

After their daughter was denied access to a water slide at Frontier City in Oklahoma, one family has claimed that they were discriminated against.

Averie Mitchell, 8, was born with a condition that caused her right leg to be amputated below the knee, KFOR reported. She now lives with a prosthetic leg, which the family believes is the cause of the discrimination.

Despite the prosthetic, Averie is a member of a competitive gymnastics team.

“I can do a cartwheel on the balance beam,” Averie told KFOR (video below). “Right now I’m working on back walk overs.”

Because Averie is more than capable of just walking, her family was shocked when she wasn’t allowed on one of the water rides at Frontier City’s Wild West Water Works on Saturday.

“We were getting ready to go down the slide and the attendant stepped in front of the slide and told Averie, ‘you can’t go down,’” Kim Mitchell, Averie’s mother, said.

When Kiml walked all the way down the ride to confront the lead attendant, the attendant replied that the prosthetic leg could scratch the slide.

“I was angry, I was upset. My child was crying,” Kim said. “She thought she had done something wrong.”

John Mitchell, Averie's father, insisted that the attendant acted in a discriminatory manner, adding that there were no signs or online regulations prohibiting prosthetic legs.

John noted that the park should be more clear about its policy so that children won’t have to be humiliated or have their fun ruined.

In a statement to KFOR, Frontier City noted that their policy does prohibit prosthetic limbs in order to secure the safety of other guests and to prevent damage to rides. The park vowed to make their policy more clear in the future in order to prevent any further “heartache.”

The specific policy has since been added to Frontier City’s website. The park is apparently working on adding signage to the attraction.

After leaving the park on Saturday, the Mitchells received a full refund for their tickets. 

Sources: KFOR, Scoop Nest

Photo Credit: KFOR Screenshot


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