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8-Year-Old Girl Clings To Mother's Car To Stop Her From Drunk Driving (Video)

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An 8-year-old Minnesota girl reportedly held onto the side of her mother’s car after she attempted to drive while intoxicated.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of July 27 in Farmington, Minnesota, after the girl held onto her mother’s Dodge Durango while the vehicle backed out of the driveway, KARE 11 reported (video below). The mother, Rena Mae Giancherio, 46, drove the car down the street before she jumped off of the vehicle and landed on the ground.

According to the girl, she wanted to prevent her mother from driving drunk. She attempted to enter the vehicle but the mother locked the door, My Fox Twin Cities reported.

Terry Heller, 16, witnessed the incident and came to the girl’s aid.

“I went over to check on her and her knees are all cut up, she's on the curb just crying, and the mom is already gone, just drove off, she didn't stop or look down," Heller told KARE 11.

When Heller realized what had happened, he went to his mom who called 911.

The girl told police that the mother had drank half a bottle of liquor before driving.

The mother denied driving drunk and ccused her 8-year-old of being a liar. The girl offered to find the bottle for law enforcement officials.

The mother consented to a breathalyzer test and scored a 0.30 blood alcohol content. Her score was four times over the legal limit to operate a vehicle. The mother confessed, saying she did not remember what occurred when she left to put gasoline into her vehicle. Surveillance footage reveals her Durango pulling into a liquor store parking lot and Giancherio purchasing another bottle of alcohol.

The mother has since been charged with a third-degree DWI, child endangerment, and criminal vehicular operation.

Source: FOX, YouTube, NBC

Photo Credit: Dakota County Police photo via NBC


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