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School Expells 8-Year-Old For Making Toy Gun From Paper (Video)

An eight-year-old student was expelled from school for allegedly threatening his peers with a toy gun he made out of paper.

Asher Palmer was expelled from The Lang School in New York City after school officials say he made a toy gun using rolled up paper and threatened other students. The school, which is set up specifically for students with special needs, decided that Palmer’s behavior was unacceptable and not suitable for the school.

“Asher is exactly the type of student Lang is supposed to be serving,” Melina Spadone, Palmer’s mother, to the NY Post. “Why they did this doesn’t make sense.”

Principal Micaela Bracamonte reportedly sent an email to other teachers telling them that Palmer, “had a model for physically aggressive behavior in his immediate family.” Spadone says that she was stunned to learn that bit of information, saying that she’s not sure who Bracamonte was referring to other than her husband, who is a Gulf War veteran.

“I find it offensive and inappropriate,” said Spadone. “We did not invest $120,000 toward Asher’s success for a five-month period. It was understood, and, in fact, contractually agreed, that Asher would be returning next year.”

Bracamonte, however, told Spadone that Palmer’s death threats against other students and his use of the pretend gun was enough to get him expelled. Reports also claim that Bracamonte recommended that Spadone homeschool her son.

So far, Bracamonte has refused to publicly comment on the matter.


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