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5-Year-Old Dies In Hit-And-Run, Suspect Turns Out To Be Family Friend

A Texas family was shocked when they learned the suspect responsible for the fatal hit and run of their 5-year-old boy was their neighbor and close family friend.

Krysten McCarty, 25, was arrested Monday in connection with a crash in Kilgore that took the life of 5-year-old Robert Jack Moorhead, KLTV reported.

"We could have closure if she would have stayed," Jackie Womack, Robert's grandmother, told KLTV, adding that McCarty knew the boy well. "All she had to do was stay and call and get him some help, she didn't have to look at him and drive away.”

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Womack said McCarty lives just down the street from Moorhead and the children of both families would often play together.

"(McCarty) was (Robert's brother Dustin's) best friend's mom,” Womack added. “She hit his little brother and took his life that day."

Dustin Vallance, 8, witnessed the tragic crash on Sunday. Womack said the boy recognized McCarty as the driver and tried telling the authorities.

Police examined McCarty’s 2006 Dodge Caravan on Monday and arrested her.

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“[Police] found blood underneath her van and the DNA matched our family,” said Womack. “I wouldn't have done that to [McCarty's] child, I would have done anything in my power to help them.”

Womack said McCarty owes the family an apology.

“If you've got any conscience at all, you can at least tell [his brother] sorry,” Womack said.  “It won't bring his brother back but you owe it to him, ma'am.”

McCarty is currently in Gregg County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

Sources: KLTV, Kilgore News Herald

Photo Credit: KLTV


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