8-Year-Old Boy Murdered Trying to Save His Sister From Rape


Mairese Washington, 16, has been charged with second-degree murder, malicious wounding and strangulation in the May 1 death of 8-year-old Martin Cobb.

The 8 year-old boy was attempting to defend his 12 year-old sister from being raped by the 16-year-old attacker when the young man turned his attention to the boy and brutally strangled him and beat him to death with a blunt object (police suspect it may have been a brick). The boy died on the scene, sources say.

This is not the first horrifying offense committed by the 16 year-old Richmond, Virginia, native. As The Daily Mail reports, "Documents from an unrelated 2010 case showed that Washington previously was charged with malicious wounding after attacking a three-year-old boy with a hammer."

"It brings chills to my spine. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up," the previously attacked boy's mother, Heather Arrington, said. 'It's just something you don't want to go through."

In the case of the recently murdered Martin Cobb, Mairese Washington will be tried as an adult. Washington was arrested two days after the incident, which culminated in the young man bringing the bloodied girl to her mother, Sharain Spruill, claiming the girl and Martin Cobb had been beaten by "a white man."

The young girl was not even able to attend her brother's funeral, according to her mother, Sharain Spruill.

Martin Cobb, who died defending his sister, is being heralded as a hero. Even Congressman Eric Cantor praised the boy, stating, "At 8 years old, he may have been small in stature, some say he looked no older than 4 or 5, but in his last moments, Martin showed he was a bigger man than most men ever dream to be."

Addressing reporters and neighbors, Ms. Spruill said of her late son, "As soon as he could talk, I told [him] he's the man of the house. That's what he did. He's a hero."

Martin Cobb was buried with a teddy bear and a bag of potato chips in a moving ceremony in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Source: Daily Mail 


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