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8-Year-Old Falls Out Of Bus' Emergency Door (Video)

A shocking video (below) shows the moment an elementary school student fell through an emergency door on a moving school bus during the ride home.

Jaquez White, 8, reportedly fell through the door while traveling home from school in Greenwood, South Carolina, on April 7 -- the boy's backpack got caught on a lever for the bus' emergency side door, the Daily Mail reports.

As Jaquez leaned back onto the door, it opened, sending the 8-year-old off of the bus and onto the road.

Jaquez survived the alarming incident with just a few cuts and bruises. "It was really scary," said the elementary schooler, "I could feel like I was falling."

"I really didn't know what happened," he added. "I hit my head first, and then my back."

Jaquez said that he saw a red truck coming toward him, and so grabbed his shoe which had fallen off, and then ran off the street, according to the Index-Journal.

Jacqueline White, the boy's mother, was angry that her son was able to fall out of the moving bus so easily.

"For him to be happy one minute, just playing with his friend and then out the door the next, I'm like no way," said Jacqueline.

The mother reportedly recorded the video of her son's fall while police showed her the clip, and then posted it online for others to see. According to a school district assistant superintendent, an alarm should have gone off when the emergency door opened, but Jacqueline said that she couldn't hear one in the video that she saw.

"For him to lean over to that door, and it just crack open further and further and further, that has nothing to do with him as a child," she said. "If the door was secure, and even if the alarm was working, he would've never fell out of it.

The mother said that while she was grateful that Jaquez did not have any broken bones from the incident, his neck and back still occasionally hurt.

Jacqueline and her mother, Jackie Baylor, argued that there was no way that Jaquez's backpack strap had opened the door, since it was still on his back in the video.

"If you see the video of him getting back on the bus, that backpack is still on his back," said Baylor. "He might never step foot on that bus again, but we’re talking about all the other kids on that bus."

According to the school district, there was an investigation conducted regarding the incident, and "appropriate personnel action" was taken.

Sources: Daily Mail, Index-Journal / Photo credit: Michael Fotsch/Flickr

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