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7th Grade Assignment Asking Students to Write From Perspective of 9/11 Victim Causes Outrage

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A 7th grade homework assignment caused outrage after parents discovered students were assigned to write a letter from the point of view of someone in the twin towers or on a plane during 9/11.

Kate Gurka, whose daughter is a 7th grader at Fairview Junior High in Texas, said she spotted a disturbing letter in her daughter’s folder the day before 9/11 which read much like a suicide note.

Gurka’s daughter then explained the assignment -- write a letter from the perspective of someone on a place or in the towers.

“I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous,” Gurka said.

Gurka said that she doesn’t want the teacher to loose her job, but that the teacher should “lower her thoughts”.

The Alvin Independent School District released a statement apologizing to parents, noting that educators strive to meet emotional and instructional needs of each individual student while maintaining sensitivity.

In an effort to measure the indecency of the assignment, Fox polled its viewers, with some in opposition and some in support.

Shadia Khanter wrote that the assignment was insensitive and inappropriate for 7th graders.

Angelique Berry, however, wrote that she wouldn’t mind her children doing the assignment, noting that it creates empathy and forces reflection on an important topic.

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