79-Year-Old North Carolina Hunter Slays 782-Pound Black Bear


A 79-year-old hunter from North Carolina is being both praised and criticized for killing a gigantic black bear on Monday after he says he only intended to go out and hunt small prey.

Thomas Capps shot and killed a 782-pound bear, which is the second largest bear – after one that weighed 880 pounds -- to have ever been killed in the state, reports Inquisitr. Capps, who is the former CEO of Dominion, says he was only planning to go bird hunting that morning, but changed his mind when the weather proved too warm for it.

“It was hot that day and we were afraid to let the dogs go out into the fields because of snakes,” Capps said.

After an hour of hunting, Capps says he saw the huge bear coming out of a thicket about 150 yards away.

“I raised my .300 Winchester Magnum and took a shot that immediately knocked him down, but he got up, and I put two more rounds in him and that finished him off,” Capps told NorthCarolinaSportsman.com.

The bear is believed to have been no more than 12 years old, according to Colleen Olfenbuttel, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s chief bear biologist. A tooth from the bear has been extracted and sent to a lab to be evaluated in order to determine the animal’s exact age. His meat was reportedly processed and will be eaten.

Photos of Capps with the bear were posted on various social sites, inspiring scores of people to either criticize the hunter or compliment him for his accomplishment.

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Sources: Inquisitr, NorthCarolinaSportsman.com/Photo Credit: NorthCarolinaSportsman.com, Wikipedia


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