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79-Year-Old Norma Cheren Arrested for Selling Marijuana

One elderly woman in Georgia is being charged with a felony after authorities found nine pounds of marijuana in her home and suspected she was selling the drug.

Norma Cheren, 79, had nine pounds of marijuana in a plastic tote and also had several “metal lunch boxes” filled with more than $130,000 cash.

The Atlanta Police Narcotics division searched her home after they received a tip alerting them of Cheren’s drug dealing.

They received the tip from a woman they busted for having less than an ounce of marijuana in her car. They convinced the woman to give up her supplier, and she told them Cheren’s name.

Though she was scheduled to receive a hip replacement in a week, a judge has set her bond at $25,000 and is not planning on releasing her. She will likely have to postpone the surgery.

Many of her neighbors were shocked to learn she had been dealing drugs. They said she was a kind, older lady who always greeted and smiled at her neighbors as she passed.

“She would come out of her house, wave at us, move her Herby Curby from the side of the house and back to the house,” neighbor Jennifer Brown said.

A friend said she is “old and can barely move,” but continued to go on walks every day.

But other neighbors aren’t surprised, as the neighborhood saw a slight increase in crime recently. Nearly everyone was shocked at her age, however.

“It happens,” neighbor Frederick Canty said. “It does surprise me, however, that the person doing the selling is nearly 80.”

“I can’t believe that she’s over 60,” Brown said. “Let alone that she [might be] doing that kind of stuff. This is too much.”

It’s not the first time Cheren was involved with drugs. In 1991, she was charged with possession of marijuana and given seven years of probation.

Cheren is being held in jail for felony possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute.

(Detroit News Day)


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