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Armed Robber Thwarted By 79-Year-Old Man (Video)

A robber in Florida picked the wrong old man to mess with on Saturday.

The thief approached Marvin Lail, 79, and allegedly said “Give me your wallet, old man.” But Lail, an Army veteran, was not about to let his age stop him from putting up a fight.

"The main thing going on in my mind is, 'You aren't going to get my wallet,’” he recalled.

Lail fought back against the robber even after the man pulled out a gun.

"I think I could have kicked [the gun] out of his hand. I was watching every move he made and I think I could have taken him,” he said. “He wasn't getting my money, and he wasn't getting my wallet and he had to kill me to get it.”

Eventually, an employee from the gas station rushed out and confronted the man. Lail then ran inside the store and called 911. The robber and the gas station employee spoke for a moment before the unsuccessful thief nonchalantly walked away from the scene.

Here’s surveillance footage of the incident:

Lail said that from now on, he will not bring his wallet with him when pumping gas.

"When I come out to pump gas, I'll only have one thing in my hand -- that's my credit card,” he told Click Orlando. “My wallet will be hidden in the car and my concealed weapon, which is right here in the right pocket now, will be with me.”

Sources: Click Orlando, Huffington Post


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