Man Punches 77-Year-Old Over Who Was Next In Line (Video)


A Georgia Vietnam veteran was captured on camera being punched in the back of the head by a random person at a gas station, and now, the suspect has been identified.

77-year-old Jacob Cooter says he was in line to buy water at a convenience store in Grovetown on Monday when 42-year-old Eric Rolland punched him in the back of the head because of an argument over who was next in line.

"Because [Cooter] didn't want to have to carry the 24 pack, he set it on the counter at the second register," store manager Melissa Johnston recalled. "After that, the second customer, the attacker, came up."

As shown in the surveillance video, Rolland and Cooter exchanged words, which ultimately leads to Rolland sucker-punching Cooter in the back of the head. Rolland alleges that Cooter clenched his fist and hurled a racial slur at him, but Cooter and witnesses say that never happened.

“You can't go around popping people in the back of the head,” Cooter said.

News 12 aired the attack footage on their broadcast this week, and after seeing it on television, Rolland decided to turn himself in.

“I thank Channel 12 because now we're getting some action," said Cooter. "He needs to pay for his little chop in the back of the head."

"It's on the Internet. This guy could realize it's on camera. Everyone's going to see it, and sooner or later he's going to be caught. Now, he's doing the right thing I reckon by coming and turning himself in," Cooter's wife, Brenda, stated.

"I'm happy justice is going to be served,” Cooter said.

Rolland, who drives an 18-wheeler, is now in custody and faces simple battery charges.

Sources: WRDW (2), Break


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