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77-Year-Old Japanese Woman Ordered to Repay the Millions a 79-Year-Old Man Paid Her for Sex

A Japanese court ruled in favor of 79-year-old man who paid a 77-year-old woman a total of more than $4 million dollars for continued companionship and sex over a period of seven years and now wants his money back.

The man took the woman to court in an effort to recoup his funds, based upon his claims that the payments were simply loans to help the woman out of a bad situation.

The woman told the man that the money was to repay a debt to another man and that if she did not repay him, the woman would be forced to marry the other man. The couple began “dating” in 2000.

In court, it was described how the woman gradually got the man to pay her to strip for him and then to be washed in a bath. From there, the relationship progressed into sex, with the man making continued payments to “help” the woman.

To make matters worse for the man, not only was he bilked out of $4 million dollars, but even though the court ruled in his favor, the ruling was reached in a civil court which means there is no threat of jail time for the woman if she doesn’t pay him back.

Sources: JapanDailyPress, ChannelNewsAsia


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