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76-Year-Old Man Shoots, Kills 25-Year-Old Robber

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An attempted robbery in Lincolnville, South Carolina was squashed after a 76-year-old man shot and killed the suspect. 

The man, Charles Petit, used a .38 revolver to shoot 25-year-old Robert Deziel after he was confronted while walking towards his car outside his home. Petit claimed that Deziel had threatened to shoot him with a taser or a stun gun, and a physical altercation between the two subsequently broke out. After the confrontation had ended, Petit immediately called 911.

“I just shot somebody who was trying to rob me,” Petit told the 911 dispatcher, according to CBS 5, “I shot about three times before I hit him because he had me on the ground trying to tase me. And I finally got one in him.” 

Local police confirmed that a stun gun was found on the scene. 

According to, Petit has a history of being a victim of robbery. The site claims that the man had $30,000 worth of jewelry stolen from him while he was walking several years ago. His house was also broken into recently, and robbers stole $4,500 and $60,000 worth of jewelry during the incident. 

Thus far, the man has not been arrested for his role in Deziel’s death. South Carolina has a “stand your ground” law similar to the piece of Florida legislation that resulted in the not guilty verdict in the high profile George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case.

The legality of Petit's gun ownership, however, has not yet been confirmed. 


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