Internet Soup


A great adoption idea, great whites, and a really great kid—they're all in your piping-hot Monday edition of Internet Soup.

  • A family of geese gets an official police escort. No fowl play was suspected.
  • As Buster found out from his incredible journey, you can go home again—as long as you're microchipped.
  • They say people and their dogs grow to look alike, but what if they start off that way? The new Doggelganger software helps people find their canine soul mates.
  • Do great whites prefer Great White?
  • Lady looks like a dude when fish are the victims of pollution from factory-farm runoff.
  • Looks can be deceiving—consider this delicious vegan cupcake disguised as a burger.
  • An armed, kitten-abusing bully is no match for a brave little boy

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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