Amazing Animals


Animals find new ways to astonish us every day. Wouldn't it be great if we returned the favor by astonishing them with our compassion?

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  • U.K. scientists have discovered that "sheepish" really means "brainy."
  • Dolphins  and researchers have learned to speak each other's language. Can a Rosetta Stone course be far behind?
  • Perhaps those dolphins can help us translate a Compassionate Action Award into dolphinese for this pup-friendly pod who rescued a dog.
  • A courageous canine has proved that true friends are there when you need them most.
  • A goose has found her lovebird in a retiree who visits the park where she lives.
  • The Daily Mail answers the question, can dogs (and cats and elephants) die of a broken heart?
  • Gorillas have been caught on film having a family meeting. Maybe over who ate the last banana? Chimpanzees laugh at their friends' jokes, even when they aren't funny.
  • Macaques question their own reasoning. A lesson in there for humans, perhaps?

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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