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Attention Nordhomme

It really amazes me the ignorance that comes out of some people's mouth. The reason for the screen name Verga will hit home with Duke fans from the '60's and on.Bob Verga played for Duke under Coach Vic Bubbas. That's how long I have been a fan of the BIG BAD BOYS OF BLUE. You can't possibly believe the comments in Nordhomme's opinions. Duke is a great great University.The fact that it has always had a triumphant string of athletes is mere icing on the cake and the sole prestige and hard work of coaches like Vic Bubbas and yes Coach K.

The name "Duke" alone just radiates prestige, confidence and superiority. Be it sports or academics,Duke is the name that stands alone. The fact that it is a private university and recruits the finest intelligence among those who can afford it just seems to be a real "pain" in the butts of those who don't quite measure up. SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of this team, they are the best and they proved it again as they have in the past. Just accept it!




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