74-Year-Old Woman Beaten In 'Blitz' Attack Outside Her Home (Video)

A 74-year-old woman from Fontana, California, was reportedly beaten in a surprise "blitz" attack outside of her own home Saturday morning and police are still searching for a suspect they say hit her in the face and stole her purse. 

The incident took place at around 10 a.m. when the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, returned home from running errands and was walking to her house from her car when she was attacked from behind, reports KTLA. The woman told the news station that the suspect pounced on her like "lightning" and that he quickly turned her around, punched her in the chest, and knocked her against a car. 

"And then [he] just kept beating on the side of my face until I lost unconscious," she said. "I stepped into the bathroom and looked at my face and there was just blood everywhere." 

The victim, who is a retired teacher, says he hit her three or four times with an unidentified object, reports ABC 7. She called police and was transported to the hospital with a serious face injury — a bruise the size of a softball on one side of her face.

The victim was unable to provide police with a description of her attacker, but says she wants to speak out about him so that others can be aware of the possible dangers that exist in their very own backyard.

"I don't understand people like that," she said. "They have a different mentality than I have or something because I can't even picture myself beating on someone like that for any reason whatsoever."

The Fontana Police Department urges anyone with information to call (909) 356-TIPS.

Sources: KTLA 5, ABC 7

Photo Credit: YouTube.com, NBC 10 Philadelphia


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