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Most Americans Want To See Trump's Tax Returns: Poll


President-elect Donald Trump may have already won the election, but most Americans still want to see his tax returns, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The poll found that 74 percent of Americans believe Trump “should” release the returns, including 49 percent of people who said they support the president-elect.

Only 18 percent said Trump shouldn't release the returns, which has been the norm for presidential candidates since the late 1970's. Nearly all (94 percent) of Hillary Clinton's supporters, and the vast majority (83 percent) of third party voters, said Trump should release his income tax returns.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the media for asking about his tax returns, arguing that the general public doesn't care about his tax information.

“The only ones that care about my tax returns are the reporters,” Trump said in a recent press conference, according to the Washington Post. “You learn very little from a tax return.”

The poll asked 1,005 adults, in a partisan breakdown of 31 percent Democrats, 23 percent Republicans, and 37 percent independents.

During the campaign, Trump said he couldn't release his tax returns because they were under IRS audit, although the tax agency said there was nothing to prevent him from releasing them on his own accord, according to The Hill.

Now that Trump won the election, he will automatically be under IRS audit every year of his tenure.

“The requirement for mandatory audits of the tax returns of the president and vice president dates back to the Watergate era in the 1970s,” the IRS said in a statement to McClatchy. “Since then, this provision has remained in place during both Republican and Democratic administrations as well as under IRS Commissioners appointed by both parties.”

Sources: ABC News, The Hill, McClatchy, Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

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