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Wounded 73-Year-Old Man Holds Burglar at Gunpoint

A 73-year-old Tennessee man who was wounded in a shootout with two burglars managed to hold one of the suspects at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Don Grubb woke up late Saturday night to the sound of his dogs barking and saw a suspicious vehicle parked next to his Hamblen County barn.

Grubb told his wife to call the police and took his gun outside to confront the burglars.

He heard noises coming from the house next door where his granddaughter lives. She and her husband were away on vacation. Two men, Clyde Webster, 21, and Tyler Trivett, 23, allegedly exited the house.

“I told them not to come no further,” Grubb told WBIR-TV.

Carrying a shotgun, Webster allegedly fired at Grubb. He was hit in the face and shoulder with buckshot.

"It was pouring, the blood. There was blood all the way down to my knees," Grubb recounted.

He says he fired back and they exchanged 11 rounds before the suspects ran away. Minutes later, Webster allegedly returned to the property to retrieve his car.

Grubb held him at gunpoint. He had Webster lie down in the street until deputies arrived.

Three miles away deputies later found Trivett hiding in a camper.

The 73-year-old suffered a broken cheekbone from the scuffle.

"Who would have known they were going to shoot me?” Grubb said. “I didn't know they had a gun. That's the last thing I would have thought about - someone shooting at me. I would advise anyone to be real careful. I wasn't careful enough.”

Charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and theft of property over $500, police say Webster and Trivett knew Grubb’s granddaughter would not be home because they know her husband. Webster also faces a drug possession charge after police found marijuana in his car.

Sources: WBIR-TV, New York Daily News


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