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72-Year-Old Woman Kicked Off Delta Flight Because She 'Looked Sick'

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Ohio woman Suzanne Hays was furious after she was kicked off a Delta flight because flight attendants and passengers insisted that she appeared to be sick.

After the passenger next to her complained that she looked ill, Hays was asked to get off her connecting flight to Orlando at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

According to Hays, the staff claimed that she could be contagious. When Hays began to cry, the flight attendant insisted that if she didn’t leave the crew would call police to escort her off.

Hays was given a $20 voucher and told to buy soup and tea. Then, she was forced to wait an hour before she could take another flight.

While Hays admitted that she looks pale and that she has trouble walking, her only health condition is a neurological disorder known as white mass disease. However, the condition is not contagious.

“They acted like I had leprosy,” Hays said. “It was awful. I have never been treated like that in my life.”

Hays has since stated that she deserves an apology from the airline.

“We regret the disruption that incurs from removing any passenger,” a spokesperson for Delta said, “and our goal is to work to re-accommodate them as quickly as possible.”

Hays reported that she has a return ticket to Ohio paid by Delta, but that she’s terrified the same thing could happen to her again.

Sources: DailyMail, Capital Bay


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