71-Year Old Man Kills Teenage Robber


A 71-year old man in Virginia allegedly shot and killed a teenager who reportedly tried to rob him March 13.

Police say 18-year-old Jafari Mitchell and a 15-year-old pulled out a gun and demanded the elderly man hand over his money in Hampton, Virginia, WAVY reports.

The man pulled out his own gun in self-defense and shot Mitchell, killing him. Police say there will be no charges against him.

“The victim did fear for his safety. He was cooperative. He called 911, he remained on scene so officers could speak with him … he will not be charged,” said Hampton Police Public Information Officer Ashley Jenrette.

While Mitchell died from the shot to his chest, the 15-year-old is unhurt but in custody without bail. He has been charged with attempted robbery and and use of firearm.

"We are confident that we have all the individuals involved in this incident identified," Lt. Jason Price told the Daily Press.

“It was crazy, I was upstairs watching a movie and I heard gunshots,” Alesia Hammonds, who lives near to where the incident happened, said. “I was like, I’ll just go see if anybody is outside, and there were forensics units and an ambulance.”

Hammonds said she was tired of hearing stories like this one where young people get involved in gun violence.

“You would think being across the street it really wouldn’t hit us so much,” she said. “But it’s just too close to home. It’s too scary.”

Ironically, WAVY interviewed Mitchell in 2015 about a shooting he witnessed at the time, in which the victim was a 64-year-old woman.

“I felt shock because my heart, when I heard the gunshots, my heart dropped, and I fell to me knees behind the gate because the bullets could be flying everywhere,” he said, describing the crime at the time.

“There are too many people dying in the world. We need to end this and stop the violence, that’s all I know,” Mitchell added at the time, before losing his own life after allegedly committing a similar crime.

Sources: WAVY (2), Daily Press / Photo credit: Daily Press

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