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71 Children Killed by Guns in U.S. Since Newtown Massacre

During the debate over the Senate background checks bill last month, one consistent pro-gun talking point was that expanded background checks would not have prevented the Newtown massacre.

However, the parents of the Newtown victims often said the proposed bill wasn't for their slain children, but rather future children who may be killed by guns.

Since the Newtown mass shooting in December 2012, at least 71 children (age 12 or under) have been killed in the U.S. by guns, reports Mother Jones.

That rate, for just five months, actually exceeds some countries' yearly rates of total gun murder deaths. Japan had only seven in 2011, per the Associated Press.

According to Mother Jones, the statistics for children being killed by guns breaks down as follows:

40 killings were unintentional and 31 were alleged homicides.
The most common scenario was kid-on-kid: At least 29 of the accidental deaths occurred when a kid under 17 pulled the trigger.
The average age of the victims was just under six years old.
20 victims were girls and 51 were boys.
 The problem was worst in the South: Florida had the most kids killed (four accidents, five alleged homicides), followed by Ohio and Tennessee (four accidents and two alleged homicides in each state), followed by Alabama (two accidents, two alleged homicides) and South Carolina (four accidents).

A spreadsheet created by Mother Jones documents all the victims and was put together using's news reports of gun deaths plus  additional research by Mother Jones.

Source: Mother Jones,, Associated Press


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