$700 Million 9/11 Memorial Requires $1 Million Per Week to Operate

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center brought in 4.5 million visitors in its first year, but the cost of running the attraction is $1 million a week, and that is after its $700 million construction cost.

On top of those costs is the museum, which is still not complete, reports the Daily Mail.

In comparison, the Gettysburg National Military Park costs $8.4 million to keep open for one year, $3.6 million is budgeted for the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and the Arlington National Cemetery costs $45 million every year.

Ironically, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum spends $12 million per year on private security because of terrorism fears.

The museum was supposed to open this month, but construction stopped a year ago because of funding problems.

Officials had planned to use the museum, funded with taxpayer money and private donations, as a source of income.

Visitors will be allowed into the above-ground portions of the memorial for free, but they will be charged to go underground into the museum, which will include portraits of the 9/11 victims, oral histories of the attacks and 9/11 artifacts such as the staircase in the World Trade Center.

The admission price hasn't been set, but foundation officials may charge a "suggested donation" fee.


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