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70-Year-Old Woman Pulls Gun On Thieves, Sends Them Running

Two Arkansas thieves got a healthy dose of instant karma recently when they tried to rob an elderly woman’s house.

The thieves, identified only as tall white men wearing ski masks and camouflage, broke into a 70-year-old woman’s house in search of prescription drugs. Once inside the house, one robber searched for drugs while the other confronted the woman.

The victim gave a valiant effort in fighting off the robber. She threw a chair at him and resisted his advances even while she was being repeatedly grabbed and punched. After eluding the thief’s grasp, she ran back to her bedroom. The thief followed and tackled her, pinning her on her bed. But in the moment between her arrival in the room and the robber’s, the woman managed to grab something important: her gun.

Not knowing she was armed, the thief held the woman down. The woman then pulled out her gun, pointing it right at his head.

“I’ll blow your head off," she told him.

Immediately, the would-be burglar jumped up and ran out of the house. His fellow thief followed suit. The petrified woman ran next door and called 911. She was treated for minor non-life-threatening injuries.

She recalled to Arkansas news station KFSM what happened when she found the men inside her house.

“These two men rushed me,” she said. “One went towards my kitchen and the other one was after me. He hit me in the face. I’m bleeding on my left arm because I was fighting with him to try and get away from him to get to the bedroom to get the gun.”

A K9 police unit immediately began searching for the robbers. They have not yet been found.

Both the woman and her neighbors remain shaken up over the incident. Police believe the thieves had previous knowledge about the inside of the woman’s home, suggesting that they either know the woman or had entered her house before. Either way, the unnerving incident has left a cloud of anxiety hovering over the neighborhood.

“It’s scary,” neighbor Barbara Neil said. “Really, really scary cause nothing like that has ever gone on around here before.”

Sources: KFSM, Guns


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