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70-Year-Old Man Hires Escort Who Turns Out To Be Son’s Girlfriend

An elderly man who hired an escort when he went out of town was baffled after his son’s girlfriend showed up.

The 70-year-old man booked the escort from a completely different city, only to be shocked when he realized that she was his 40-year-old son’s girlfriend, the New York Daily News reports.

His son’s girlfriend had led the family to believe that she worked as a waitress.

When they met, both of them decided not to go ahead with their arrangement for the evening.

But the elderly man contemplated whether to tell his son that his significant other was not a waitress as everyone thought, but a call girl.

The father decided to be honest with his son, and told him the truth. The son did not take the news well and the two got into a heated argument.

According to The Local, the incident happened a while ago, but only came to public attention when the son sued his father for injuries.

It was unclear if the couple is still together.


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