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70-Year-Old Gives Birth For The First Time; This Is What Her Baby Looks Like (Photo)

A 70-year-old Indian woman gave birth to a baby boy in April in the northern state of Haryana after two years of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Because many people in India don't have birth certificates, the elderly woman listed her age as 70, but the clinic says she is 72.

Daljinder Kaur and her husband have been married for 46 years and faced scorn in a country that views sterility as a curse from God, according to Discovery News.

“God heard our prayers. My life feels complete now. I am looking after the baby all by myself, I feel so full of energy. My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can,” Kaur told AFP.

The new mother saw an advertisement for IVF and decided to try it. The baby boy was formed using the couple’s own egg and sperm. He was born on April 19 and weighed 4.4 pounds.

Doctors told Kaur that she was sterile due to blocked fallopian tubes and were initially hesitant to perform the treatment. After two failed IVF attempts, she finally conceived in July 2015, according to the Daily Mail.

“I first tried to avoid the case because she looked very frail. Then we made her undergo all the tests and once all the results were okay we went ahead,” the IVF doctor said.

Kaur’s 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, who owns farmland outside Amritsar, says he’s not worried about taking care of the child because “God will take care of everything.”

Many question whether artificially inseminating elderly patients is moral, with many arguing that older parents don't have the health or resources to care for children properly. But that hasn’t stopped older women in India from seeking pregnancy.

Rajo Devi, a 70-year-old woman, almost died from complications after giving birth to a child in the same IFV center in 2006.

In 2008, another 72-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh, India, reportedly gave birth to twins through IVF, according to Discovery.

The same IVF clinic that worked with Kaur and Rajo Devi helped a 66-year-old woman give birth to triplets in 2010. Unfortunately, one of the babies died a few weeks later.


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