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70-Year-Old Florida Man Shoots Would-Be Thieves

The two young men figured it would be an easy crime -- steal some old guy's golf cart battery. They didn't count on the "old guy" owning a gun, and being a pretty good shot as well.

70-year-old Robert Rowley was jarred awake early one morning last week by the sound of a sensor alarm. He grabbed his gun and a flashlight, and went outside his home in Winter Haven, Florida to investigate. He found two men trying to cut the cable to his golf cart battery.

According to the police report, when Rowley challenged them, one of the men began to approach him. That's when Rowley took action. He fired off three shots, just to scare them, he said. He fired one into the air, another at the ground, and a third at the men's truck as they tried to scurry away.

It turns out Rowley hit both of them. 20-year-old Alan Clinage was shot in the leg. 21-year-old Christopher Polson had wounds in the head and neck area. They were arrested when they sought treatment at a local hospital.

The men, who will survive their injuries, are charged with grand theft and burglary of an occupied residence.

Rowley told police he didn't realize he shot his would-be thieves. He's a much better shot than even he thought.


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