70 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Is 'Unpresidential'

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70 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Is 'Unpresidential' Promo Image

New polling indicates most Americans do not believe President Donald Trump's behavior is befitting of the Oval Office. Other surveys indicate Trump's personality is what fuels the majority of his critics' disapproval.

On July 1, Trump took to Twitter to defend his controversial social media habits.

"My use of social media is not Presidential -- it's MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL," Trump tweeted. "Make America Great Again!"

On July 17, a Washington Post-ABC News survey indicated that a majority of Americans found the president's tweets and behavior unpresidential, The Washington Post reports.

Only 24 percent of U.S. adults said Trump's behavior was proper for a president, while 70 percent said he his actions were unpresidential. Of those who found his actions unpresidential, 56 percent said that Trump's behavior was damaging his administration.

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Breaking down the data, 54 percent of self-identified Republicans said Trump's behavior was befitting of the office, while 38 percent said he was unpresidential.

Only 30 percent of overall respondents said Trump was a positive role model for young people while 68 percent believed he was not. The respondents' take on Trump's Twitter habits indicated that his social media posts were contributing to the public's decidedly negative view of his personality.

Only 23 percent of respondents said Trump's tweets were refreshing while 36 percent agreed they were effective. Meanwhile, 68 percent said that the president's social media missives were inappropriate, 65 percent found them insulting and 52 percent believed they were dangerous. Of those polled, 41 percent found the tweets interesting.

On July 13, Gallup surveyed Americans who disapproved of Trump's job performance on the reasons why they have an unfavorable view of him. The polling group had conducted similar polls for former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama six months into their first terms.

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Of those who disapprove of Trump, 65 percent cited his personality and character as their primary reason for disapproving of his job performance. Previously, 43 percent of Bush's detractors cited his general job performance while 65 percent of Obama critics cited their disagreements with him on specific policies. Only 17 percent of Bush critics and 14 percent of Obama critics disapproved of them primarily because of their personalities.

The two surveys indicate that disapproval for Trump is far more personal than it was for his predecessors. While Bush and Obama opponents largely disagreed with their policies or capability, Trump detractors primarily disapprove of him as a person.

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