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7-Year-Old's Temporary Tattoo Causes 'Worst Reaction' Doctor Had Ever Seen (Photos)

A seven-year-old boy is battling a painful rash on his back after having an allergic reaction to a henna tattoo.

The child, Liam Sayer, got a tattoo of the infamous Star Wars villain Darth Maul on his back as a reward for his good behavior on a vacation. But one week after getting inked, he developed a severe rash all over his back. It’s now been a month since the rash broke out, and Liam’s body is still battling the infection.

Liam’s mother, Sharon Sayer, got a henna tattoo of her own at the same shop, but says a different pot of ink was used on her son.

“Liam’s tattoo was so much thicker than mine…” Sharon told SWNS. “The guy that was doing Liam's was using a separate pot of ink and I reckon there must have been something in that. A week after, on the morning of his birthday, Liam came downstairs in tears, screaming ‘Mummy, my back, my back.’ I had a look at it and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was a huge red weal where the henna had been, and his skin around it was all rashy, red and sore.”

Here is a picture of Liam’s back soon after the rash broke out:

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Sayer immediately took Liam to a dermatologist, who called the boy’s reaction “the worst skin reaction he’d ever seen.” Liam was prescribed two rounds of antibiotics, two steroid creams, and multiple other washes and lotions to help soothe his skin. His back is slowly improving, but doctors warn the skin affected by the rash could be extra sensitive to sunlight for the next two years.

“I just want to warn other people to steer clear of henna tattoos,” Sharon Sayer said. “Liam is scarred for life now, and may be stuck inside for two years if he starts getting more of a reaction to sunlight. It’s ruined all our lives. I feel so sorry for him.”

Sources: MailOnlineSWNS

Photo credit: SWNS


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