7-Year-Old Girl Tricks School With Fake Note


A Texas father said he cannot believe the teachers at his 7-year-old daughter's school accepted an obviously forged note and allowed the child to go home.

Charlie Dahu told KTRK that his daughter Rosabella, who is in the second grade at Sheldon Elementary School in Houston, Texas, wrote a fake note on May 2 asking school staff to let her go home after school instead of staying in the afterschool program.

The note, which was written in pencil on a sheet of lined notebook paper, read, "I want Rosabella to go too dus 131 today."

There was no parent's signature on the note.

However, in spite of the child's handwriting and spelling errors, school employees reportedly accepted the note and sent Rosabella home on the school bus.

"Basically a second grader tricked the school system and was able to go home on this note," Dahu said. "You can clearly see she did not even spell the word bus, right?"

Dahu realized what his daughter had done when a concerned neighbor, Rolando Lozano, called him to let him know that the girl was alone outside his house. The child was apparently locked out.

"She came to ask my wife to use the restroom and that's when I figured there's something wrong," Lozano, who took the child into his home while they waited for her father, said.

"I was shaking," Dahu said about the incident. "I was scared. I was just glad to see her in good health and that nothing had happened to her."

The outraged father questioned the school staff who had permitted Rosabella to leave. An employee admitted that the note looked suspicious but decided to let the child go home after checking with a supervisor.

Dahu said he believed the school should have contacted him to check the legitimacy of the note.  

"I would have preferred someone give me a call and say, 'Did you write a note for your daughter to come home today?'" he said.

Sheldon Independent School District released this statement in response to the incident:

We are reviewing our training procedures to ensure that our afterschool grant program staff is properly trained in dismissal procedures. As we move forward, the district is working to make sure that all of our afterschool grant staff receives the same training as district employees.

This was not the first time a child wrote a fake note to skip school.

In January, a 7-year-old girl named Cara forged a note from her school giving students an extra week off because the "school company is taking a brake," Pop Sugar reported at the time. However, her parents recognized the forgery because she had misspelled the word "break." 

Sources: KTRK, Pop Sugar / Photo Credit: KTRK

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