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7-Year-Old Who Allegedly Stabbed Classmate With Pencil Still In Class At Mass. School

A second-grader who allegedly stabbed a classmate with a sharp pencil and put him on a colostomy bag is still going to the same school, and flabbergasted parents want to know why.

Boston’s WHDH-TV reported that the incident happened during recess on Oct. 4 at Wire Village School in Spencer, MA, a town of just under 12,000 people in central Massachusetts, about a hour west of the state’s capital city.

Parents say that they are shocked not only that the child who did the stabbing is still in school, but that the school took three weeks to let them know that something was wrong.

“We found out through Facebook. It was a shock to us,” parent Travis Riley told the TV station. “It wasn't from the school. It was just through Facebook. Not the way I like to find things out.”

Though the school has yet to release any details of the stabbing, it sent a letter to parents on Oct. 25 saying that “an incident” had occurred at the school earlier.

“Though at this time we have no conclusive evidence to make a judgment, we continue to pursue an active investigation,” the letter said. “The safety of all our students is of utmost importance."

According to one parent, Lynda Hafner, the boy, reportedly age seven, stabbed the other seven-year-old “through his pants and his underwear” with a pencil.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and required emergency surgery. The child now has to wear a colostomy bag.

“If the kid got assaulted at recess, somebody's not doing their job, and I certainly don't want my daughter to be the next victim,” parent Kimberly Comeau said, adding that she was considering pulling her child from the school if the alleged perpetrator remains there.

The boy who allegedly committed the assault remains in class a month later, according to the WHDH report.

“I think he's disturbed. This is not normal behavior for a 7-year-old child,” said Hafner.

When WHDH reached the mother of the injured child —whose name, like that of the alleged perpetrator, has not been released — she said that her son needs another round of surgery for his wounds.

Police in Spencer are still investigating the incident as is the Worcester County District Attorney’s office and Department of Children and Families.



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