7-Year-Old Texas Boy Ticketed For Driving Golf Cart (Video)


A 7-year-old Texas boy now faces a hefty fine, after he drove a golf cart while celebrating his birthday.

Clayton "CJ" Knight Jr. and his mother were searching for treasures along the shoreline at Galveston’s West End on Thursday, when a policeman stopped them. Because only a licensed driver can operate a golf cart in Galveston, and CJ was driving, the officer issued a ticket.

"When he said he was going to give a ticket, I figured it would've been for me," CJ's mom, Amanda Knight, said.

Instead of citing Mrs. Knight, the officer issued the ticket to CJ himself.

"I was shocked. I've never heard of a seven-year-old getting a ticket," Mrs. Knight said. "He was worried he was going to go to jail."

When Chief Porretto was confronted about the citation, he admitted that it shouldn’t have happened and that Mrs. Knight should have been ticketed instead. Now, the chief says that the police department will work with the family to correct the mistake.

CJ is expected to appear in court on October 4.

Sources: ABCNews, WTSP


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