7-Year-Old Michigan Girl Replaces Deer Trophy She Lost In House Fire By Hunting Down 8-Point Buck

A Michigan girl lost her prized trophy eight-point deer after her house caught fire earlier this year, so she replaced it with an 8-point buck.

Riley Skirvin, 7, and her family lost their St. Louis, Michigan, home to a May 21 fire along with the little girl’s beloved catch. Her father, Ben Skirvin, says she was eager to go back to the woods to replace the dead animal, but this time she was hoping for a doe because she already caught a decent-sized buck, Fox News reports.

“She shot her first deer at 5 and it was an eight-point and we were more than ecstatic,” Skirvin told MLive.com. “If there was one item I could have saved in that house it would have been that buck.”

(via MLive.com)

Riley finally got her wish during a youth hunt on Saturday when an 8-pointer came out and she shot it from about 23 yards away.

“My dad was looking around and then he saw a deer and it came up to the bait pile,” Riley said. “I asked him what line to use [inside the scope on her crossbow] and he told me it was the top line.”

Skirvin owns a DropTine Archery and Outdoors store in St. Louis, and says his daughter knows some terms when it comes to deer hunting and “cracks everyone up” whenever they come into the shop.

Skirvin adds that he and Riley often discuss the importance of deer herd management and the idea of taking does is just as important as taking bucks.

"This year she said she’d maybe shoot an 8-point if she could,” he told MLive. “It sounds funny, but it seems like every time she goes out . . . bucks are coming in to her.”

Sources: Fox NewsMLive.com


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