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Motorcycle Group Helps Out Bullied Girl

A 7-year-old girl from Ohio who was being bullied has enlisted the help of a local motorcycle law enforcement group.

Audrianna Reynolds’ mother, Alexandria Reynolds, reached out to the Punishers Motorcycle Club because of Audrianna’s love of motorcycles, reports WTOL.

Her mother explains one of the girl’s favorite hobbies is to ride her dirt bike, WTVG reports.

But it’s this unorthodox pastime that may be why the girl was being bullied at Toledo's Marshall Elementary School.

"It could be part of it that she is a tomboy, but who knows,” the mother said.

So, to cheer the girl up, her mother asked the bikers to help.

“She asked if we would send a birthday card," said the group’s president, Daniel Bushey, of the girl’s mother. "Just so she knew there were still good people out there. I told her we would do much better than that we hung out for about an hour and then we gave her a ride to school.”

With a pink helmet and a vest, the first-grader drove to school and became a part of the motorcycle family.

"The first thing we thought of was trying to help her in any way we could,” Bushey added. "We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles and she is part of our family now and if she needs anything let us know."

He added, “any chance we get we help kids out, we do in a heartbeat.”

Her mother was filled with gratitude.

“We were just trying to uplift her spirits and let her know that not everybody is mean and there are plenty of nice people in the world," said Reynolds. "The guys have really done a wonderful job at helping us."

She also says she hopes the ride will make her daughter feel more confident, and send an anti-bullying message to the world.

“I want parents to know that if your child is being bullied just do any and everything possible to make them feel special. Every child is beautiful,” said Alexandria.

The girl also had a message of her own for the world to hear.

“Don't bully because it is mean,” said Audrianna.

Sources: WTOL, WTVG / Photo credit: McKenzie Kuehnlein/WTVG

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